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Apr 26, 2000 03:43 AM
by W. Dallas TenBroeck

April 26th

Many thank Leon

I will continue.  I sent you a synopsis (separately) of important
Scientific and other discoveries/inventions to look over.

More grist to the Mill ?




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Sent: Wednesday, April 26, 2000 1:14 AM
Subject: Re: Theos-World MONADS IN EVOLUTION

Dear Dallas:

I'm pleased that you find my suggestions of value. Unfortunately,
I have not
yet been able to take the time to gather all the quotes from the
SD that
covers the prognostications and the basic information given out
by HPB with
reference to scientific discoveries made during the 20th Century
... And,
particularly, the developments of the last 25 years.  However,
this search
has been started and partially done for the references to be used
in my
forthcoming book (if I can ever finish it:-), *On the Threshhold
of a New
Science and Technology* -- which has been somewhat delayed due to
past and
present work on my related inventions currently being prepared
for patenting,
research, development, and ultimate manufacture and marketing.
This is a
tremendous undertaking ... And, in conjunction with my prophetic
picture, The Solarworld Chronicles, also now underway -- (which
is an epic
science fictional adventurous look back from the "paradise on
Earth" at the
end of the 21st century, should its people decide to embrace
brotherhood and
reverse their present road to destruction by following the
theosophical path
-- as HPB hoped) -- I should be kept quite busy for the next few
years. :-)

But, as soon as some of my scientific research with specific
references to
the SD is completed, I'll be sure to post it for all to see and
use.  In the
meantime, most of the scientific concepts relating to the recent
multidimensional theories of Superstrings and Membranes that are
very close
to verifying the truths of theosophy, have been incorporated in
the ABC
"preliminary notes" posted on my web site at:
(As you can see, if you read it, long windedess is also one of my
But, then, considering the complexity and obscurity of the
and transcendental subjects we are examining, or trying to teach,
even HPB
couldn't escape from that problem. :-)

For those interested, much information is available about these
later, post
quantum scientific theories published (in more or less
nontechnical language)
in several articles in Scientific American during the past 6
months. Most of
these can be read in the online archives at:
<>.  As for
their basis in the SD, these theories could have been directly
lifted from it
by anyone with the same kind of perspicacity and "genius" as
Einstein -- who
said, "Genius is concentration on a single point of inquiry for a
long period
of time." Accordingly, It took me more than ten years of
concentrated search
of the SD to cull out and verify the information leading to ABC.
not being a trained scientist or mathematician, it would take me
another ten
years of academic study before I could come up with the basic
that, fortunately, has already been done by the "real" scientific
investigators of Superstring theory, membrane theory,
physics, wormholes, zero-point energy, solid state physics,
light, x-ray and
electron holography, etc.

Unfortunately, none of these theories' transcendental,
aspects have yet been fully accepted by mainstream science --
which is still
limited by materialistic thinking and its concurrent denial of
as being a transcendental function of spirit and not an
epiphenomena of
material brain structures.

I hope the little of what I can offer will be of help in bringing
science and theosophy into closer conjunction, and lead to a
understanding of theosophical fundamentals from a practical,
scientific and
technological viewpoint that impinges directly on our world and
our nature as
they are presently experienced, and appeals, as well, to our
present modes of
thinking about how to recover this rapidly deteriorating world as
it should
be -- "before it's too late to relate" -- as the famous Poet-O of
New York's
Central Park would say.  (On a lighter note, See: "featured" at: Incidentally, the Poet-O
can sometimes
be found during a Sunday evening lecture in the back row at

Best wishes,


In a message dated 04/22/00 9:06:59 AM, writes:

>Dear Leon:

>Thanks -- I had hoped that you would add to that
>"encapsulation" by adding in a review of the advances in
> science which tend to show how much has been adapted
>or learned from the insights that the SD provided.  Can
>you do this for all of us perhaps ?  Better still a review of
>the really valuable discoveries in the last 25 years ?
>Don't you think we are all writing commentaries on what
>we are learning from the SD and other writings of HPB ?
>I think so, but then we need also to learn how to do this
>briefly  -- I am too long-winded for instance.
>Your ideas are so good and I will mull over them and see
>what I can add  -- this is just a brief acknowledgment.

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