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Theos-World Re: The Inner Life of Krishnamurti

Apr 24, 2000 08:40 AM

In a message dated 4/3/00 12:50:53 PM Eastern Daylight Time, writes:

<< After some digging into the esoteric aspect of K I came to a very 
different conclusion about K than the positive one you have layed out in your 
recent book. I have summerized my thoughts in a little pamphlet, which you 
can find at:
 I'm most interested in your view of this thesis and will be most grateful if 
 could dialogue somehow about our differences and communalities. ..... >>
Dear Govert,
I will be addressing the various issues you raise (here & elsewhere, 
including your pamphlet), as time permits.  Even though we had a chance to 
spend quite a bit of time discussing these issues in person, I am most 
disappointed that you never once presented any actual evidence showing that 
anything in The Inner Life of Krishnamurti is incorrect.  I will be 
profoundly grateful for any specific points in which you find the book to be 
mistaken or in need of improvement, if you can find any credible ones.  Since 
I have spent some 35 years researching various aspects of these issues, and 
since I truly do not care where the chips may fall (I'm passionately 
interested in facts & evidence, where relevant, not in unsupported opinions), 
it behooves all of us who are truly committed to theosophy and to 
transformation, to hear your words of wisdom on the subject.

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