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Re: Theos-World Don't Be Mislead by Mr Tenbroeck's Assertions

Apr 23, 2000 03:15 PM
by Dennis Kier

Subject: Theos-World Don't Be Mislead by Mr Tenbroeck's Assertions

> Dennis-----
> If you're not aware of theosophical history, you'll be mislead by Mr
> Tenbroeck's assertions.  For ex., Mr Tenbroeck wrote on Mr Crosbie:------

Thank you, and Everyone for helping me get a feel for all of this. I had not
ever heard of most of these people before. All of this difference of opinion
will serve as a valuable base for me when I do more reading about this
branch of the Movement.

Most of my reading has concerned the parent Society in Adyar, and the
American section in Wheaton, the writings of HPB and the Masters, and to a
lesser extent, Leadbeater, Bessant, and Krishnamurti, and all the
Theosophical personalities associated with them.

Mr. TenBroeck and I have had discussions for the past several months, and I
have come to appreciate some of his strengths, and biases. His writings
reflect a lot of knowledge and research, and his biases have prompted a lot
of study that I probably wouldn't have otherwise done.

Thanks again to everone who wrote about this.


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