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RE- Theos-World Don't Be Mislead

Apr 20, 2000 12:50 PM

David, You certainly seem to have a huge ax to grind when it comes to 
ULT/Mr.Crosbie, therefore I first hope to remind you that when grinding axes 
you can't control where the sparks fly and they might fly into your own or 
some other person's eyes.  Next I mean to point out that, when Mr. Crosbie 
was working on the PATH with Mr. Judge he was indeed the "occult student" of 
HPB and a student-CO-worker with Mr.Judge. Now, If, events did take place, as 
you say, after Mr. Judges passing, (I read your web references) then it seems 
to this student, that Mr.Crosbie--at some point--in his own heart and 
conscience and perception must have become convinced that the efforts of 
Ms.Tingley were no longer following the "lines laid down by HPB and her 
colleague and coworker W.Q.Judge" at that point-- the terrible, heart and gut 
wrenching decision to make a last ditch effort to change the current of 
action and failing in that---to break all ties and move to a new place (LA) 
and to begin to gather a few like minded people, who desired to study the 
writings of HPB and WQJ--- thus was born ULT.  For in reality that is all ULT 
is -- an association of students who desire to follow the original lines, 
laid down by their Teachers.  We are all free to read anything we wish, are 
we not?  Please David do find another fish to fry and let us get back to our 
studies.                                                      PEACE - Pat 

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