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Theos-World Robert Crosbie Claimed Communication with Dead William Quan Judge

Apr 19, 2000 08:05 AM
by David Green

Mr Crosbie in his AUTOBIOGRAPHY claimed he was in touch with dead William Quan Judge------

"As to my part in it--I was in Boston, and saw no reason to doubt the
statements [about Mrs Tingely] of those in N.Y. whom I believed to be sincere and of good training and judgment. I should have known BY OTHER MEANS the true state of affairs...When Judge passed out of life, I LOST TOUCH with him. . . . From later events my comprehension is, that this loss of touch [with Judge]was PURPOSELY done [by whom?]in order that I might strengthen my weakness in that direction. I went to Point Loma at Mrs. T's urgent request to assist in the proposed work, and was there two years . . . before I began TO GET BACK THE TOUCH [with Judge that] I had lost."

I'm told by my London ULT correspondent that he has recently found private letters of Mr Crosbie in which Crosbie writes in detail about his contacts & communications with deceased Mr Judge. I'm hoping the letters will be published ---- possibly in THEOSOPHICAL HISTORY.

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