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Re: Theos-World Leadbeater's problem

Apr 12, 2000 04:03 PM
by Dennis Kier

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> According to K, Leadbeater was temporarily clairvoyant.

According to Leadbeater he was only vaguely clairvoyant, till one day, the
Master Morya visited him, laid his hand over CWL's forehead for a time, and
then CWL had a real Talent for the rest of his life.

He has many books out on the aura, and other things that empahsize the

> However in Adyar TS circles he was the undisputed contact person with
> Adepts and all his claims were accepted by most as 100% correct. No one
> will ever know the full truth or falsity.
> In K's case, it looks like the way he and others expected him to turn out
> to be was wrong. They expected that there would be rerun of the way Lord
> Maitreya appeared 2000 years ago (apostles, rituals, church etc.) If some
> one predicted 2000 years ago that the Lord is going to appear the same way
> the Hindu God Krishna appeared, they would have been wrong.

That too was prophecied. It was said that the teachings were not going to be
what CWL and Besant tried to set up for him. With hindsight, it can be seen
that what CWL prophecied is exactly what happened, although not in the way
CWL & Besant tried to set it up. They expected it to be on the model of a
burst of light, <show biz style> and the GREAT Presence. The reality was
more human, with the overshadowing at a more subtle level.  But, the results
speak for themselves.

Perhaps the next World Teacher will be more what people expect, given our
experience with this one.

And, it was not K who did most of the deciding. He was a very dull boy as a
child, - almost a vacant mind, who got beat repeatedly in school because he
couldn't retain lessons. His younger brother had to shepard him around
remembering his lunch box in the evening, and taking care of him in a
practical way. If he saw another child with less than he had, he would give
them his books, slate, and things.

All through his life he recognised the Master KH as one who came around and
checked on him, and gave some of the lectures.

The Lord Matriea would come and take over the body for most of the lectures.
In the Schloss book (Rajagopal's daughter), the author would remark at his
transformation from the time he would start from the living quarters to the
lecture stage, and then the change was visible as he left the stage, and
went back into the living quarters.

> As for K, whether he was a success or failure can be judged only a century
> from now.
> For now what seems to be important is if his message has any impact on
> human beings and help them change, that is critical.
> Considering the large number of people who are reading his books and
> watching his videos, apparently many around the world are interested in
> topics he discussed for over 60 years.

> >But, if he really had all of these experiences and capabilities, I don't
> >understand why he made a great mistake about Krishnamurti's identity.  He
> >should have known Krishnamurti was not Master Maitreya.  And it is also
> >surprising that, with his "great clairvoyance", he was in such a mistake
> >for much more than one simple day.

He understood the Overshadowing better than you do. He had had experience in
watching the process take place with HPB.

It is true that K was not Master Maitreya <most of the time>. The Master
didn't have the time to waste living and managing a physical body all the

It is like your automobile. When you get in it, and animate it, it functions
in the way you direct it to. The overshadowing works in much the same way.
When it was time for the teaching, or writings, the Master was here - or the
Master KH could fill in in a pinch. When the teachings was over, the Master
went on taking care of HIS other business, leaving the man K to take care of
the "vehicle", take care of the lecture schedule, meeting people, and
growing in his own right.

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