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Re: Theos-World Leadbeater's problem

Apr 11, 2000 08:13 PM
by Martin Leiderman

Dear Ramadoss,

Would you clarify the point brought up by someone (David) when he wrote: "He
>should have known Krishnamurti was not Master Maitreya.

I never heard that. What I was told is the K. was going to be the "vehicle"
for the World Teacher. Something like Jesus and the Christ.
Please tell us if you know about it.  They are very different matter.

I have no doubt CWL was clairvoyant.
I challenge anyone to select one child in India to later become a great
philosopher to  millions; one whose books (from his talks, etc) and memories
has lifted their souls to a true understanding of the mental process and life


M K Ramadoss wrote:

> According to K, Leadbeater was temporarily clairvoyant.
> However in Adyar TS circles he was the undisputed contact person with
> Adepts and all his claims were accepted by most as 100% correct. No one
> will ever know the full truth or falsity.
> mkr

Original  quote below:

> >Leadbeater said he was a clairvoyant.  ...
> >
> >But, if he really had all of these experiences and capabilities, I don't
> >understand why he made a great mistake about Krishnamurti's identity.  He
> >should have known Krishnamurti was not Master Maitreya. ...
> >
> >So,  was he really clairvoyant?  Doesn't it seem that he was alucinating
> >or may be lying?.
> >
> >David.

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