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Theos-World Leadbeater's problem

Apr 11, 2000 09:32 AM
by ernesto

Dear friends:

We have been talking about Leadbeater recently.

Leadbeater said he was a clairvoyant.  He said he could see our fisical,
astral, and the two kind of mental bodies. He also said he knew the
Adepts.  In his book about tha Masters and the Path, he said he saw the
Maitreya, before his coming to the World.

But, if he really had all of these experiences and capabilities, I don't
understand why he made a great mistake about Krishnamurti's identity.  He
should have known Krishnamurti was not Master Maitreya.  And it is also
surprising that, with his "great clairvoyance", he was in such a mistake
for much more than one simple day.

So,  was he really clairvoyant?  Doesn't it seem that he was alucinating
or may be lying?.


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