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Theos-World Re: theos-talk-digest V1 #1058

Apr 08, 2000 03:10 PM
by Gerald Schueler

> Dear  Gerry:
> About Krishnamurti.  He was a person much abused especially by
> Leadbeater.

In what way was he abused?

> He had the strength to get out of the situation and realizing
> that he had been given by L and AB a "position" that was untrue
> (in the eyes of the TS members) he had the honesty to reject it.


> He then spent the rest of his life trying to preach openness, and
> truth OUTSIDE the TS -- which by then had veered way off the
> course and far away from true THEOSOPHY.  Many old members of the
> TS and their children respect K's honesty and evident integrity.

I agree with you here about K. But in what way, exactly, do you
think the TS "had veered way off the course and far away from true
THEOSOPHY?"  My impression is that after the K incident, the TS
started a "back to Blavatsky" movement to get back on track.

> Unfortunately he did not lend his energies to spreading
> THEOSOPHY.  Mr Wadia aid once to me that K. had been PREVENTED
> from actually studying HPB's THEOSOPHY by L.

He was, I think, beyond any organization including Theosophy.
His "pathless land" approach is more Zen than Theosophical.

> He is to be honored for his good work but he is not in any way a
> reincarnation of HPB or of anything except his own honest self.
> Dallas

I certainly agree with you here, Dallas.

Jerry S.

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