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Re: Theos-World Inner Life of Krishnamurti

Apr 05, 2000 10:18 PM
by John Vorstermans

At 23:22 5/04/00 -0500, you wrote:
Here are some feedback from some of those who have read the book. I have
excerpted from the amazon and barnes&nobles sites.

Hope some might find it interesting.
It is certainly interesting to see strong opinion on the book and I have no doubt at all that it will be seen as controversial to many people, as K himself was. "The truth however is in the pudding". We need to ponder carefully on what K has said (and this is often deeper than most people realize), and then reflect on what the picture is that the Inner Life puts forth.

It is certainly a very interesting book to read. Wither it is true or not is for each individual to work out for themselves.

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