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Re: Theos-World Re: The Inner Life of Krishnamurti

Apr 04, 2000 04:17 PM
by Dennis Kier

> At 11:26 AM 04/02/2000 EDT, wrote:
> Dear friends,
> My book The Inner Life of Krishnamurti was published recently by Quest

Thanks for that research. I enjoyed reading it, and feel that it is an
important addition to the Krishnamurti related, and Theosophy related

> In the summer of 1884, the Master KH said to Sinnett, in ML # 63,
> his book The Occult World, that "the results have proved quasi-disastrous!
> We had tried an experiment and sadly failed!  Now we see that none but
> who have passed at least their third initiation are able to write upon
> subjects comprehensively."

I guess that is why they had Djual Kuhl write the next series of comments on
the Secret Doctrine through Alice A. Bailey. They are some of my favorite

> Let us recall that Sinnett was talking largely about bells ringing
> psychically, cups and saucers materializing, and brooches appearing under
> pillows.  In other words, he was talking about relatively "simple"

That is the problem with phenomena. It takes the spotlight, attracts
attention, and many people forget to look behind the "show-business", to
study the Real World laws and regulations that are behind it.

> Yet, according to KH, three initiations were required in order to do even
> that.  And transformation is the one theme that runs through every single
> statement Krishnamurti ever made as part of his work.  That cannot be said
of  any other "theosophical" author.
> If I am mistaken, and missed something here, please enlighten me.  I mean
>  But it does seem that K did precisely what the Master KH suggested for
> theosophists:  To focus on transformation rather than on conceptual
schemes, > the acceptance of which does not require transformation, and is
therefore not > theosophical in itself.

I just finished reading the book. It confirms many of my observations in
reading the published biographies, and adds much new that I hadn't seen. I
would recommend the book (for what that is worth).


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