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Theos-World RE: How Theosophists were ahead of the curve?

Apr 01, 2000 03:51 PM
by M K Ramadoss

Dear Bob:

You have raised a very interesting question of much interest to many theosophists. I am posting it on theos-l and theos-talk so that we may get some discussion going.


At 08:57 AM 03/30/2000 -0500, wrote:

Thanks, I appreciated your tidbit on Theosophy and I think that Krishnamurti WAS ahead of the curve.

I think it was/is admirable that a second but equal meeting was held but Krishnamurti would have had a difficult time in certain parts of our country.

What I would like to know is the status of Hispanics and Afro-Americans in the rest of the Theosophical lodges and centers thorough-out the good old USA during those times, say, 1875 - 1960's. I haven't read nor have I heard the how Theosophical Society treated "Hispanics and others" during those early years.

What did HPB, WQJ and HSO have to say about all this stuff? How did the "form a nucleus" impact on their behaviors? How could HPB and WQJ live during that period and not have ANY comments?

Bob Murdic

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