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Re: Theos-World Some interesting info about TSA

Mar 25, 2000 01:43 PM
by ramadoss

The response is welcome.

IMHO, one of the critical and important issues is (a) part-time nature and
(b) compensation paid to the National President.

I was under the impression that the National President is full time job and
never thought any compensation is involved. So when I saw the part-time and
the compensation, it got my attention.

I want everyone including the National President to have a high standard of
living.  But the idea of the top leadership job being a compensated
position was a news to me. May be others on the list may be aware of it.

I know for sure that the International President has taken no compensation
from TS anytime. Now that the TSA National President being compensated
part-time position, it sets a precedent to encourage branches and study
centers to put their part-time Presidents also on compensation. If a Branch
happens to have a lot of money, then the compensation that could be paid to
its president could be substantial. This would in turn lead to other
positions being also compensated. Then those compensated persons would
likely to strengthen their position by having their cronies on the
membership who will keep them in power.

This may not stop with the USA. With the Internet broadcasting the
information, members in other countries also may think it is ok to put
their Officers - National down to Branch on a compensation since if it ok
for the USA it should be ok everywhere.

Something to think about.  


At 10:03 PM 03/23/2000 -0500, you wrote:
> wrote:

>> In the early days of TS, when HPB/HSO/Judge were alive, all the work was
 done by volunteers who were never paid any "salary".<<

    Full-timers were given enough money to stay alive.

>> Also, during their
days no one had to pay any admission fee or had to make a love offering for
some fund or other to attend and participate in any of the programs or
attend formal or informal meetings.<<

>    Fees WERE eventually charged (I referred to Blavatsky's defense of that
charge in an earlier letter). And I have never heard of love offerings being
asked, ever, even today.
>> Obviously somehow or other all the
 expenses were met and enthusiastic members (most of them in their prime of
 life) toiled for a cause dear to their heart and soul.<<

>    And those who pay the bills get to define what Theosophy is.

>> membership to be kept in the dark. While one can understand there would be
 many in the rank and file who need help, leadership getting themselves paid
 is something that the membership need to consider and make a judgement for

>    I can understand the feeling. I have donated thousands of hours of
consulting time to the TS, and have never accepted a penny in payment. On the
other hand, I have always had a good-paying job that enabled me to do that. It
is hard to find volunteers who can afford to do this, especially for those
which require full-timers and are not directly related to Theosophy (such as
the staff of the Quest Bookshops or librarians at the larger libraries).
Especially with skilled jobs, it is feasible that a Lodge would end up paying
MORE to a non-member in order to avoid paying a discounted fee to a member.
>> Years ago when I suggested disclosing the compensation of the
 top 5 highest paid individuals, it got not where. May be the leadereship
 did not feel comfortable or necessary to disclose the information --
 possibly because it may be a tradition for the TS leaders, at least in the
 US be paid a "compensation" -- no one will ever know because of the
 sensitive nature of the subject.<<

>    Well, there's pay, reimbursement for expenses, and officers who are also
employees (as I believe is the source of the money to John Algeo and Nathan
Greer). An alternative to even paying expenses is to require that all officers
and full-time workers for the TS be able to support themselves with outside
jobs (not unlike the Liberal Catholic Church). But then, of course, we must
why. This idea of not taking money for services is rooted in Christianity, and
the TS is NOT a Christian organization.<

>> What lies in the future? Could it be that some, in the future,  will allow
 themselves to be crowned as Emeritus This or That or some such high
 sounding title and perhaps putting themselves on the payroll? It would be
 interesting to watch. Don't be surprised in anything.<<

>    There is a big difference between being paid for specific services
on an hourly basis, and being paid for holding a position.

    Bart Lidofsky<

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