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Theos-World Questions about Masters

Mar 13, 2000 05:47 PM
by Ernesto

>From Lima, Perú:

It is usual, I think, to read and hear new ages´ spokesmen to talk about
UFOS´s and their spiritual significance.

In accordance to Blavatsky's SD and C.W. Leadbeater´s book about the
Masters and the Path (named in Spanish: Los Maestros y el Sendero),
before this actual humanity could have its own Adepts, original Masters
belonged to other planetary evolutions, and came here to help us in our
spiritual evolution.  As C.W. Leadbeater says, it is the case of the
Kumaras, who belong to the evolution developed in Venus.

The same doctrine of the Planetary Chains of Evolution, could probably
make us think that non human beings, members and not of this Solar
System, may have known or may be actually influencing the Life in this

So, my question is the following: are the aliens, or some of them, who
it is said that are visiting us in UFO´s, Masters of other Planetary
Chains? Are this aliens simply other humans belonging to other planets?
Are some of them the same Masters of the White Broterhood that has
developed here in the Earth?

What do main theosophists of the diferent theosophical points of view
say about that? First of all, do they say that UFO's exist?

David C. García.

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