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Fw: Theos-World Research Paper: Third Object of T.S.A.

Dec 28, 1999 09:16 PM
by Jim Rodak

Memo for Eldon Tucker, Editor, Theosophy World:               12-28-29
        Eldon:  As you know, I am a "newbie" on your theos-talk page so please pardon any initial mistakes that I make trying to understand how it works.  I recieved the below message back in my in-box.  I didn't know if this was how a confirmation of receipt was made or if you desired me to return it to you ... which I am doing.  Anyway, I'll get all this squared away in short order.  Just be patient with me.  Gracias!            Jim Rodak
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From: Jim Rodak
Sent: Tuesday, December 28, 1999 9:41 PM
Subject: Theos-World Research Paper: Third Object of T.S.A.

----- Original Message -----
From: Jim Rodak
Subject: Research Paper: Third Object of T.S.A.
1.  The following is submitted as an "open letter" article to be posted on theos-talk.
                            Respectfully yours:        James L. (Jim) Rodak

Greetings My Fellow Theosophists:
  I have been a member of the T.S.A for about four years.  For the past two years I have been conducting self-directed research into the genesis and language of the Third Object. The purpose of my research is to write a scholarly research paper on the subject.  I am not seeking remuneration in any form for my efforts.  I only seek  more knowldege that I might be better informed and enlightened, and enabled to share the knowledge gained with fellow Theosophists and with those who might have an interest in the subject.
  Of particular interest to me in this matter are the words: "To investigate unexplained laws of Nature ...".  I have seriously pondered over these words since becoming a member of the Society and often wondered:  "What exactly did HPB, Olcott, Judge and the other founding members of the Society have in mind/intend when they approved and adopted that phraseology?  What was their purpose?
  As many of you know, when the Society was formally established and chartered, there was but one object, worded as follows: "The objects of the Society are, to collect and diffuse a knowledge of the laws which govern the universe."  Being that both Olcott and Judge were formally trained lawyers, I'm confident that they were deliberate in their choice of the Object's language and what the "spirit and intent" that the language adopted was to convey both to the informed member of the Society and to the uninformed non-member. (Perhaps having both an esoteric and exoteric meaning?)
  To me, the words "unexplained laws of Nature" appear to be contradictory - i.e.,  How can a "law", by definition, be "unexplained"?  And the words "laws of Nature":  What, exactly, were the "laws of Nature" they were referring to:  Karma?  Reincarnation?  Clairvoyance? or, perhaps, phenomena of some nature?    And "investigate":  "Why?  How?  By what means?  And for what purposes were they going to conduct their investigations?
  In my search of the Theosophical literature that I have examined, I have yet to read a comprehensive, unambiguous discussion on and /or explanation of this subject.  At least not one that fully and adequately satisfies my spiritual and intellectual curiosity.
    Through this research project I am confident that I will obtain a clearer understanding of what the founders "spirit and intent" was when they decided on and adopted the language of the Third Object.  You can assist me in this endeavor by contributing your knowledge, your opinions, and thoughts, your references.  Please provide complete citations for your references so that I might do follow-up reviews.
  In closing, I feel compelled to state that it is my considered opinion that every serious member of the Society should have a clear, unambiguous, unequivocal understanding of what each of the three Objects mean and what they are intended to convey.  The Objects are the mandated fundamental tenets of the Society that each of us stated that we were "in sympathy with" when we petitioned the Society for membership.  It only makes sense to me that we understand fully what we are "in sympathy with" as members of our beloved Society.
  Respectfully and fraternally yours:  James L. (Jim) Rodak  < >

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