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Theos-World Merry Christmas etc

Dec 24, 1999 02:24 PM
by Eldon B Tucker

I'd also like to wish everyone on theos-talk a Merry Christmas
and Happy New Millennium. Things have certainly gotten quiet
over the past month or so on the list. With over 120 subscribers
interested in Theosophy, there's the potential for some interesting
interchanges, but perhaps everyone's in lurking mode, waiting
to first read something to reply to?

Here in Los Angeles, it's 1:20 in the afternoon, the skies
are blue, it's warm outside, perhaps in the 70's. Wind gusts
keep the trees waving back and forth, and there's a slight
roaring sound made by the small palm tree in the backyard.
Five-year-old Geoffrey was showing me his latest climbing and
jumping tricks on the backyard swing set.

Last weekend, the Los Angeles Theosophical Society [Adyar] had
its annual winter solstice celebration. We read a play that
was an ULT adaptation of a story by W.Q. Judge. The story is
about in ancient days in Ireland how someone was entrusted to
keep a sacred flame going, and eventually failed, neglecting
his duties to take on the duties of another. There was a 
potluck dinner, with the play and discussion following.

Visitors came from as far away as Ojai and Long Beach. 
People from all the theosophical groups where there, helping
celebrate the new season -- Adyar, Point Loma, Pasadena,
ULT, and Independent -- and we're already thinking of what
play to use next year. (Some theos-talk folk were there,
including myself, Wes, Dara, Martin, and others who've
been around but have never gotten around to posting just yet.)

The gathering was on Saturday evening, a few days in 
advance of the actual solstice. I was looking forward
to staying up for the solstice itself (11:44 PM Pacific Time), 
taking a look at the full moon on the night sky, and dwelling 
on what was about in the world -- but karma had different plans 
for me. Sunday morning I quickly came down with the flu, and 
was too sick to do very much for about four days, and missed 
the whole thing. 

Best wishes again,

-- Eldon

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