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Theos-World Fwd: Eldon, please post this message on the List

Dec 14, 1999 04:58 PM
by Eldon B Tucker

>Date: Tue, 14 Dec 1999 12:13:47 -0800
>To: "Eldon B. Tucker" <>
>From: Rodolfo Don <>
>Subject: Eldon, please post this message on the List
>Hi Eldon,
>I just returned from South Africa where I was attending the 
>Parliament of the World's Religions.  I plan to write a summary of my 
>experiences at the Parliament, but I am leaving tonight for 
>Singapore, and India.  So that will have to wait until I return on 
>January 15.  I also wanted to let everybody know that I have created 
>a web page with pictures from the Parliament and it is already on the 
>The URL is
>My best wishes to everybody on this List for the coming year 2000.
>Rodolfo Don

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