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Re: Theos-World Some interesting statements made in Theosophy

Nov 18, 1999 00:24 AM
by LeonMaurer

In a message dated 11/17/99 6:01:25 AM, writes:

>Something to think about.
>There is a comment somewhere that the modern presentation of Theosophy,
>according to the Founders, has very far reaching consequences to the
>Humanity -- either salvation or failure. When one thinks of this issue for
>a moment, perhaps one understands how important Theosophy and its doctrines
>I hope one of these days we get a better appreciation of this issue. 
>Anyone cares to comment?

Why not now?  Maybe if some of us pool our talents and figure out a way to 
convince the guru's of this age (the scientists and technologists) that the 
theosophical fundamental principles, as well as its scientific, cosmogenesis 
and moral teachings make sense, and that reincarnation, karma and universal 
brotherhood are laws of nature--we might have a chance to succeed.  If these 
"gurus" are convinced, and project to the world the consequences of such 
knowledge, then, so will their followers look to theosophy for answers to 
their profoundest questions, and eventually (if not sooner) understand that 
as they sow, so shall they reap, that their conscious LIFE is eternal, and 
that altruism in thought and action practiced on a wide enough scale is the 
only answer to world salvation--so that their progeny might live in the 
"paradise on Earth" that HPB spoke of as a possibility in the next 

As far as present day knowledgeable theosophists go... Their whistling in the 
wind by endlessly talking to each other while nit picking and quibbling over 
doctrine and scriptural references, plus the few who listen in on their 
closed circles, makes that possibility a bit iffy.  

Society's present powers of fostering greed and self aggrandizement based on 
a one-lifetime philosophy are powerful antagonists.  And, if theosophy is to 
win out in the end, these wrong views must be fought against vigorously with 
knowledgeable *group* action and wise discrimination.  Maybe Macluen was 
right, when he said "the media IS the message."  However, the problem is that 
we theosophist haven't yet learned how to use it--so we can speak to the 
world and their guru's, directly, "in the language of this age"--as HPB 
literally ORDERED us to do.  (At least, those of us who consider ourselves 
her direct "chelas" ... whoever we are?)  What were the dedicated 
theosophical "companions" that HPB expected to foster, supposed to be doing 
together, as a group action, at the end of this present (and possibly last) 
cycle of the Movement?  Still studying?  I doubt it.  As far as I can see, 
the present schools of theosophy, and the study they fostered, have done 
their job and are dinosaurs as far as any already groomed theosophical 
"leaders" are concerned.  What's needed now is a whole new way to bring 
theosophical knowledge to the people at large--who are now facing the 
cataclysmic end of their civilizations and their cultures, as well as 
(possibly) the Earth, as they know them.  A million years bheind in our 
evolution, is more than enough.  Now is the time to reverse this condition, 
and bring us all back on track.  

So... Anybody have a plan on how this "new way" can be accomplished?

For openers...  My suggestion, for one direction of joint efforts to reach at 
least the the gurus of present day mankind, that might be able to accomplish 
such goals, would be to organize and establish a new online web publication 
or Journal devoted to Science and its presently unsolved problem (that has 
captured almost every scientist's attention) of studying and explaining, in 
the light of fundamental principles, the origin and nature of 
consciousness--along with an open e-mail forum (inviting scientists of every 
discipline) to discuss with us, from a theosophical point of view, the 
leading edges of the various sciences involved in such studies.  

Unfortunately, this cannot be done alone, and in my view, requires a close 
working group of at least five (and possibly more) theosophists, each having 
some diverse scientific, as well as journalism, publication, web design, 
promotion and computer programming knowledge or expertise, and who are 
willing to devote enough time and energy, and, perhaps, money, to see that 
such a project comes to fruition.  It's about time some of the knowledge and 
wisdom many of us old-time theosophists have re-acquired since joining the 
movement in this lifetime, is put to practical use for the benefit of 
all--rather than for our own personal self realization and enlightenment.  

In this next generation of theosophy, the former "students" must become the 
present teachers, and through their ecumenical knowledge, wisdom and skills, 
empower the beginnings of the new "public" schools to come, based on 
theosophical monism, that eventually can supersede the current public and 
private school systems based on dualistic materialism fueled by false 
religious dogmas, coupled with ignorance and greed.  

Best wishes,

Leon Maurer

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