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Theos-World RE: more gradual/sudden path/ Re: sentimentality

Nov 15, 1999 06:49 AM
by W. Dallas TenBroeck

Nov 15 1999

Thanks Katinka,

and see notes below, please




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From: hesse600

Subject: Re: more gradual/sudden path/ Re: sentimentality

> > 1. Has logic and persuasion in it, if one considers that the
> > Soul (Mind) of a Human being is immortal and eternal.  If
that is
> > denied, then it is useless to proceed.  It is agreed that the
> > "embodied mind" of the present personality is destroyed with
> > body at death.
This is funny, I needed Alan to point this out, but Dallas,
you seem to me to actually go against Blavatsky here! What
you call embodied mind (kama-manas, as you recently
explained) is not at all immediately destroyed with the
body at death. There is certainly plenty of time for the
kama aspect of this to be revived in a medium-circle. At
least that is how I understand it.

DTB	HPB points out (in KEY TO THEOSOPHY) that the after death
states are as follows (this is only an outline of course) and
more details are to be found in the KEY, SD, TRANSACTIONS OF THE
BLAVATSKY LODGE, and in other articles published by HPB in

Sketch of after-death events between incarnations:

1.	death of physical body

2.	review by the Immortal SOUL/EGO of all the memories of the
last life.

3.	These are carried out (transferred) out of the physical
centers of the body and brain on and in to the Astral Body (which
survives the physical death),  -- it is this which can be
contacted in seances.

4.	On the astral plane and in the astral body the Soul/Ego
reviews and separates all the memories of life's experiences into
2 kinds:
	1.	those that are personal, selfish, gross, "evil" etc...[the
	2.	those that relate to idealism, altruism, unselfishness and
								[the HIGHER]

5.	of these the LOWER group are left to disintegrate with the
astral body on the astral plane as a kind of 2nd corpse -- if
left undisturbed by mediums or seance-goers, they fade away and
as "skandhas" they are distributed to their appropriate place in
nature where they have some consubstantiallity.  Period of time
may be from a few days to several week or months depending on the
general "grossness" of the life last lived.  If disturbed and
reanimated at a seance, an additional life span is acquired by
this "astral corpse" -- but from descriptions available, the
sensation it endures are then extremely painful to it, one of
them compares it to being "skinned alive."   This is why
Theosophical teachings discourage any attempt at mediumistic
contact or evoking such astral corpses.  It is out of pity for
them, and also out of hope that those who dabble in such contacts
will not themselves impose such a dreadful experience on their
"2nd corpse" as it disintegrates.

6.	The SOUL/EGO abandons the "2nd corpse" allowing it to
disintegrate on the astral plane, and it carries the memories
that are noble, altruistic, etc into "Devachan" and there reviews
and meditates on each least or major impressions, so that it is
well understood, and is recorded on the permanent "astral," the
Akasic level of the IMMORTAL EGO.

7	At the end of this process the immortal Soul Ego with the Light
of the Atmic "Ray" upon it, is able to see and review its Karma
in the mode of a panoramic review of its past lives and all the
karmic links established, and also those which are to be dealt
with in the next incarnation.  This is sometimes called the
"Universal Vision of Atman," and then, as the stream of skandhas
with the Karma that they carry is now becoming operative, and
attracts the Soul/Ego back into incarnation -- a new
reincarnation is immanent, and then it is taught that the
"Panoramic Review" changes into

8.	the PROSPECTIVE REVIEW -- in a sketch outline - hazy as Karma
is not yet operative -- occurs -- the returning Ego with the
light of Atma upon it sees an outline of the next life to be

9.	The return to rebirth of the immortal Soul/Ego is marked by a
corresponding gathering of the skandhas that are relative to its
last life/lives.  These are reassembled so as to provide it with
its new incarnation, starting as a baby body with the potential
intelligence of the past to manifest as it develops in its new

10.	The Karma of the incoming (returning) Immortal Soul/Ego into
incarnation is adjusted with the Karma of those who are to be its
"new" parents.

11.	Conception occurs and the round of birth starts again.

This is a very rough sketch and many more questions and details
are given (in the KEY) in answer to the questions that the
Enquirer" poses to HPB as "the Theosophist" in the KEY.  It is
well worth while consulting this book and reading the whole
odyssey.  And this is what I have secured out of the study of
Theosophical doctrines on this subject.

> > 2. However there are many accounts of Seances and other
> > experiences that would seem to imply a survival of the
> > soul/mind at least for a while after physical death.  If
> > are discarded then the question of reincarnation might be
> > "sub judice."
This is oposed to what you wrote earlier?

DTB	Not really as you will see above, there is a great deal more
to grasp.  It will be found to be coherent and consecutive as
each stage is related to the past and the future.  Karma and
responsibility are the links and the justice and fairness of
Nature are always at the background.  We are the Immortal Actors
on this learning, ever learning, stage of living.

Really, a reading of the KEY TO THEOSOPHY by HPB is a great
assistance if one desires to acquire a knowledge of most of the
details that Theosophy offers on our consciousness, and its
development and on our Karma and our reincarnations.

Best wishes,


NHL Leeuwarden

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