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Re: Theos-World Interesting statistics

Nov 10, 1999 09:19 PM
by LeonMaurer

In a message dated 11/10/99 2:44:30 PM, writes:

>When one looks at all the events such as the above, it looks to me that
>theosophy and its major proponents are still in quill age if not stone
>age While we all may be studying ancient wisdom, we cannot ignore what is 
>on around us which makes us communicate quicker and cheaper. 
>It looks like either you get on the train or bus or left behind and perhaps
>snowed under.
Right on!!!

With the maturity of the internet as the universal communication medium (the 
language of this age) that, if used properly and with careful discrimination, 
could have the ability to bring the world together into one common 
understanding of the truths of cosmo- and anthropogenesis, as well as of the 
fundamental principles leading to the understanding that reincarnation and 
karma, as well as "universal brotherhood," are immutable laws of nature==the 
time has now come for theosophy to enter the mainstream of both scientific 
and religeious thought and to take its place as the knpwledge base upon which 
all the divergent disciplines in all these fields can be consolidated and 
sysnthesized into one grand scientific philosophy and philosophical science 
(an unassailable "theory of everything") that can be understood by any 
thinking human being, no matter what level of education.  

In order to accomplish this... First, it would be becessary to merge the 
teachings of theosophy with the current scientific thinking that is coming 
closer and coser to metaphysical understandings that were put forth in the 
Secret Doctrine.  Today, the study of consciousness, for which only theosophy 
appears to have all the answers, has become the major thrust of scientific 
thinking... And, there are at least four major Internet e-mail forums, 
spreading across the disciplines of quantum physics, psychology, biology, 
sociology, philosophy, religion, etc, devoted to the issues of consciousness 
studies and to finding the answers to the fundamental problem of explaining 
the nature and cause of conscious experience, and its relationship to mind, 
brain, and body--including the particularly "hard problem" of finding the 
causative link between subjective thought, awarenes and will, and the field 
of matter represented by these interdependent organisms.  (Jcs-online forum, 
sponsored by  The Journal of Consciousness studies, Psyche-D (theoretical) 
and Psyche-B (experimental) sponsored by Psyche magazizne, Quantum Mind 
online forum sponsored by the Center of Consciousness Studies, University of 

For the past four years I have been actively participating in these forums, 
and have seen a great change in scientific thinking and the willingness of 
many more scientists in various disciplines to accept new viewpoints--due to 
the inability for materialistic reductive science to answer the "hard" 
questions of consciousness with any credibility or interdisciplinary 
consistency.  In fact, science, after many years of concentrated effort to 
crack the "hard problems" of explaining "experience" (or what they call 
"qualia") and the "binding" of brain to mind, finds itself up against a brick 
wall on all sides.  As a result, scientists, are beginning to take notice of 
my own ABC theory of interpenetrating holistic coenergetic fields -- for 
which I give full credit, as its basis, to the Secret Doctrine's teachings of 
fundamental truths, as well as about cosmogenesis, and the evolution of 
higher energy, non-local consciousness fields and lower energy, localized 
material fields--which, I've pointed out, probably inspired Einstein to 
intuit his E=mc^2 formula and to mathematically develop its concurrent theory 
of relativity... Not to mention, the SD's teachings of the relationships 
between matter and energy--which, in totality, 

One of the reasons why it is so important to bring theosophy and science 
together, is that the real gurus of this Age ARE the scientists--who have the 
ear of the public in their publications and radio broadcasts, and exert a 
great influence on the way the world thinks as a group.  If theosophy is ever 
to "change the mind of race", and bring to them a full understanding of karma 
and reincarnation, as HPB hoped it could do before the catasrophe's that the 
world's wrong views and materialistic biases are inevitably bringing upon us 

in my view, one of the best ways to enable this synthesis of theosophy and 
current scientific thought to develop, would be to initiate an indfependent 
scientific forum. designed to examine modern scientific theories in the light 
of theoso[phy.  

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