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Theos-World PART 2 == Cycles and Cyclees - The Drama of Evolution

Nov 06, 1999 11:40 AM
by W. Dallas TenBroeck

Nov 6th

PART  2  ==

CYCLES and the CYCLEES   --  The Drama of Evolution

To see how Theosophy describes, this let us go back to the
beginning of this Universe, to the time when all the Monads,
Lives, Souls wake up from their sleep of Pralaya (the space of
rest between Manvantaras--or periods of manifestation).
Theosophy posits that there is a double line of evolution, the
material and the Spiritual.  We have traced material evolution,
showing how the monadic essence passes through the living bodies
(mineral, vegetable and animal) that are produced in and by the
material side of evolution.

The independent Minds, the shining Monad Lives that are
spiritually developed woke up the Monad "seed"-lives of the lower
kingdoms, those which do not yet shine of themselves.  They did
not act on the slumbering lives, but merely appeared, and like
the Sun that shines on Earth from 90 million moles away, they
warmed those seeds.  Their influence woke the memory of the lives
of matter.  They began to stir and move on according to the great
Plan (brought over by the Universal Mind-Mahat) which had also
dawned again to form the patterns of evolution to be continued
all around them.  The spiritual shining Minds (who are always
awake) assembled that Plan and re-began their work at those
stations they had occupied before in the great Brotherhood of
Nature's volunteer assistants.

Those awakened Self-conscious Monads waited and watched. They let
the material patterns rebuild as far as they can.  But, the
monadic essence that was still material could not build a
completed human form.  Then was the right time for the Shining
Monads to descend the Ladder of Being to meet the highest of
forms developed, and, entering them, they reflected on these,
acting from within, the Fire of the Mind.  It always appears as a
glow, and with experience it can be fanned into a strong

We saw that there was already a kind of intelligence, that we
might call a "solid" fire--one that animated the mineral monads
with their responses that "giving and taking," "attracting or
repelling."  The fire active in the vegetables was called Prana;
and this, passing to the animal and human kingdoms manifests as
the higher fire named Kama, or, instinct and desire, the highest
of the "below."  It was the natural duty of the Flames, or Higher
Fires--the Manas Fires--to unite and fuse with the Kama fire, and
there was a human Soul.

In this way all humans have come to be Seven-fold Fires.  That is
the quality and nature of the "Man (or Woman) of Mind."  It is
now made clear why, ever since this fusion of the "below" and the
"above" there
has been an interior struggle in the personal consciousness of
each, between the Shining Self and the "shadow" side of our

This why, when one makes up their mind for good and all to stay
on the "shining side," one is said to have "entered the Path--the
Path of Self-knowledge.  The wise ancient Hermes said succinctly:
"Man, know thyself."

Once that the seven-fold human being was on the scene, evolution
for it began in real earnest.  The human kingdom is essential to
the impelling of the lesser experienced life-Monads.  Man'' need
of warmth brought knowledge of physical heat and fire.  The need
of nourishment brought on the cultivation of plants and
agriculture and the water science called hydrology.  The need of
shelter and of travel helped to develop dwellings, roads and
ships.  Man learned the use of the unorganized "lives" (or
elementals) in the kingdoms of the elements, air, water, fire,
and the earth.  But what is also clear is that in doing this
Mankind needed its "Teachers."   He needed helpers who had
experience, just as we all do today who use the many facilities
that our civilization offers.

Mankind needs more than Manas, the Mind-light.  They need the
Light of the Heart.  It is this light which teaches how to use
all things with benevolence and true economy, so that harmony in
action, in feelings of kindness and generosity, and thoughts that
are directed to the well-being of all around us can be started,
considered and practiced in justice and fairness to all, men and
things alike.  It is only when a great desire to "help Humanity"
arises from within that the Light of the Shining Gods will become
theirs.  And it is for this reason that the first Object of the
Theosophical Movement was framed:  To form the nucleus of a
Brotherhood of Humanity -- each member a center!



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