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Theos-World strange I dit it again?!*

Nov 04, 1999 05:47 PM
by lucio

Dear Dallas 
Bellissimo. I enjoyed your input very much
I am by nature a brief liner and I have a habit some time
 in my over seplification. Missing some of the important 
details you have expounded In the lesson bellow.

Logically speaking matter as  we know it in a limited way 
we can only say that all transitory phenomena will
 come to an and sometime. 
That life exist with help from the sun is a fact and all 
energy has its cycle and than changes into something else 
is a fact. That death is not the and to me is not at all
sup rising ,our destiny will follow the web we have 
activated in the cosmic realm even in the realm of the spirit. 
W. Dallas TenBroeck wrote:
> "Many a house of life hath held me."
> "Reincarnation" means the entering again into flesh. (re - again;
> in - into; carne - flesh) So, this word - Reincarnation - tells
> us at once that if we are in bodies now, we have been in bodies
> before! We reincarnate according to cycles of Karma, just as
> seeds of plants do in their seasons. We live our lives in cycles.
> Once we were babes, and then children, and now are adults.
> Childhood is the spring-time of our lives. Grown up, we are in
> the summer-time, Then as our hair grows  gray, and our backs
> bent, comes the autumn. After autumn comes winter, and the biting
> frost comes and kills the growing things. So we have our winter,
> too, the dead-time of our bodies.

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