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Theos-World Tibetan Nun Imprisonment; Amnesty International letter campaign toChinese Gov't

Nov 02, 1999 09:56 AM
by John E Mead

I'm forwarding this, in case anyone wants to help (taken from Tibet-L)
peace -
john e. mead

---- begin tibet-l excerpt-----

From:    Daniel King <daking@LYNX.DAC.NEU.EDU>
Subject: international action

Hey People,

We got the word out about our unhappiness regarding the imprisonment of
the Drapchi 12 with over 1400 people contacting the Chinese Embassy in
the United States. Lets go up one level, shall we? We can now hit up the
Ministry of Foreign Affairs and let those in charge of foreign relations
know we are not happy with the nuns continued imprisonment.

If everyone who glimpsed the previous email action took part we should
have had over 10,000 participants. So please do not let this opportunity
pass you by, you can affect change with the simple use of your computer.
We find ourselves many times hoping for change and wishing for change
well here comes our opportunity to stand up for change.

I ask you to take a moment out of your day and send the below message to
the two emails indicated below and to your friends and colleagues who
may also share a concern or desire to help.

One of the lyrics these nuns have been given extra sentences is:

"No matter how hard we are beaten, Our linked arms cannot be
separated... The time will come when the sun will shine through the

Lets bring attention to the plight of these 12 imprisoned Tibetan
Buddhist nuns. You can speak out DIRECTLY to the Chinese government!!
All you need to do is copy and send the below message to:

To: (Ministry of Foreign Affairs for the PRC)
Cc: (to get a count)

Spread this far and wide. If you are taking part in this action after
January 31, 2000 please contact me and I will tell you if it is still


Dan King
TANG Jiaxuan
Minister of Foreign Affairs of the People's Republic of China
225 Chaoyangmenneidajie
Beijingshi 100701
The People's Republic of China,

Your Excellency,

I would like to request the immediate and unconditional release of the
following 12 Tibetan Nuns who have been imprisoned for singing songs
while at Drapchi Prison.

Name             Age*   Date            1st        2nd          Total
                        Arrested        Sentence   Sentence
Ngawang Choezom  22     03/21/92        5 years    6 years      11years
Gyaltsen Choezom 21     08/21/90        4          5            9
Gyaltsen Drolkar 19     08/21/90        4          8            12
Ngawang Sangdrol 15     06/17/92        3          6            21**
Lhundrup Zangmo  23     08/21/90        4          5            9
Phuntsog Nyidron 23     10/04/89        9          8            17
Tenzin Thubten   20     08/21/90        5          9            14
Ngawang Lochoe   19     05/14/92        5          5            10
Ngawang Tsamdrol 21     05/14/92        5          5            10
Jigme Yangchen   23     10/01/90        7          5            12
Rigzin Choekyi   20     09/22/89        7          5            12
Namdrol Lhamo    28     05/12/92        6          6            12

* Age at time of first sentencing.

** Has had sentenced extended two more times since her second sentence;
one increase was 8 years and that was further extended by 4 years.

The twelve nuns are Prisoners of Conscience who have been imprisoned
solely for the peaceful expression of their beliefs. I am also deeply
concerned at reports that the nuns have been ill-treated while in
prison. You have the opportunity to show the world that you respect
human rights. Please do so by immediately releasing the aforementioned

Finally, I request information regarding the above individuals current
conditions, and any action you may already be taking to protect them and
other victims of human rights violation in Tibet to be sent to Amnesty
International Group 133, 251 Albany Street, Cambridge, MA, USA 02139.

Thank you for your time and concern in this matter of utmost importance.


---- end tibet-l excerpt-----

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