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Re: Theos-World things seem hopeless

Jul 19, 1999 07:01 PM
by Nick Weeks

> >   Fine, there are these forces, and negative thoughts attract them,
> and "evil" entities multiply the power of the destructive desires, but
> why?
>     Why deos the manavantara phase involve such horrific designs, why,
> if we are one (and I believe we are) do we war against eachother,
> elementals included.  Where did malice begin?  How can it be expained?

There is no "design" nor designer -- horrific or good.  We were the
god-force and the god and gods of the universe.   When we gods took upon
ourselves bodies of much coarser matter during the process of incarnation,
that dull matter dimmed and blocked our recollection of our true nature,
powers and sense of  unity with all life.

>     Honestly, if your bad thought scenario holds water, then it's no
> wonder my own life has been fraught with negativity, and why so many
> people who are damaged psychologically at a young age end up in such
> damnable positions in society.  A child abused will think horrible
> thoughts, if that attracts dark elementals and they feed on and to the
> childs thought process-a child- who is clueless about the way of things
> could grow up to be a tyrant.  Is no force watching out for the
> mislead?  The Masters might care, but what are they doing to curb the
> anger of humanity at the injustices percieved?

It is a thought scenario, neither bad nor good -- we supply the qualities,
good or bad.  The Masters do what they are able to do, often involving real
sacrifice.  But  the karmic laws of thought are intrinsic to the universe
and cannot be obliterated.  They can be understood though.

There are no total innocents nor complete monsters.  Everything surrounds
us, but why do certain people, events, thoughts and feelings come into our
lives?  We attract what we are.  What we are not never affects us.

Part of the Masters function is to try and teach  humanity that there are no

There are Adepts and Sages even today.   Some years ago a child of 8 or 9
was brought in his wheelchair to visit a known healer and sage.  He had been
born with a sever spinal deformity and many other health problems.  He would
probably never see his teen years.  When the sage walked by the boy he did
nothing but look at him.  No kind words and certainly no healing.  The boy's
parents were distraught and furious.  The mother ran after the sage and
berated him for being a phony and heartless.  The sage asked her if she
wanted to know why he could not heal her son .    He took her inside a
building nearby and sat her down facing a blank wall.  Look, he said.  On
the wall pictures of judge in some ancient culture appeared.  This judge was
cruelty personified.  He devoted all of adult life to ruling in favor of
every torturous imprisonment and death for even the smallest "crimes".   The
mother recognized her son of this life in the cruel judge of long ago.   She
was silent and understood.

Until we in the West get to a similar point and have confidence that Karma
is real and we are our own best friends and worst enemies  reactions such as
yours will continue.  The tendency is rail against this  nonsense and reject
it; especially at a time like now, when you are so upset.

These words on a screen cannot do much to help.   But you have within you
all that is required to solve the problem and find hope -- if you just TRY
to rely on the god with you.


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