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Re: Theos-World Brotherhood

May 25, 1999 06:23 PM
by Arnaldo Sisson Filho

(answer at the end)

-----Mensagem original-----
De: Lucio <>
Para: <>
Data: Terça-feira, 25 de Maio de 1999 09:24
Assunto: Re: Theos-World Brotherhood

>Dear Brother
>Yes I agree that many of our brothers in the pursuit
>of godliness sometimes they miss that flicker of friendship burning in the
>eye of a simple cela?
>The hierarchical order established in the past of concentric inner circle
>has failed to provide a free and unbiased stage for the application of
>newly found
>knowledge,but I believe in the oneness of all mankind with our creator.
>Therefore yes, in this respect we
>are all brothers. Differently together.
>Arnaldo I belive that in the light of the ascended masters one cannot fail
>to bring the hand of friendship to all, as I extend mine now to you, please
>feel free to email me, here in the Blue Mountains of Australia.

Dear brother Lucio,

Many thanks for your warm message.

Besides believing in the Brotherhood of all
humanity, we both believe in the reality of
the Masters. That is already a lot in common.

May we be able to give examples of lives in
harmony with those powerful beliefs. Together
differently is indeed a beautiful motto.

Many thanks for your hand of friendship. Please
receive the mine as well, and let us see if we
can stand the difficult test of being friends.
Sincerely yours,   Arnaldo.

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