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Re: Theos-World The Next Torch of truth

May 23, 1999 05:46 AM
by Arnaldo Sisson Filho

Dear Lucio,
Below follows a brief answer to your post:

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De: Lucio <>
Para: <>
Data: Quinta-feira, 20 de Maio de 1999 07:09
Assunto: Re: Theos-World The Next Torch of truth

>At 01:02 AM 5/20/99 -0300, you wrote:
>>Dear brothers,
>(a) To Arnaldo
>Yes... I agree with you all three objects must be 
>practiced. and in a enviroment free of bias be it sex
>creed and color "twogether differently.and in harmony
>It is not long since I entered this list even though 
>I have been a Theosophist for 45 years.
>I found that as far as a brotherhood is concerned,
>It was very difficult for me to collect some friends
>I mean real friends ....... whithin the TS, and
>as far as brothers even less, mind you I do not want to descoragge you . I
>just say that one must be a friend 
>before he claims to be a brother . It is inportant to see that a religious
>dogma,   does not include the famly of mana as a whole           LUCIO
>          ***************************

First, that I totally agree with you that it is very difficulty 
to have real friends, be it inside or outside the TS.

Second, that I do not agree with you that "one must be
a friend before he claims to be a brother." My vision
on this is nearly the opposite of what you stated. To me
we ARE all brothers, because we all have the same 
mother Nature, so to speak. Or we are all sons of God,
and/or of the Gods.

But many of our brothers do not recognize this as such.
They may feel somehow as "brothers" inside a certain 
group (be it of race, creed, nation, caste, area, concrete
blood ties etc.), but not brothers of the Human Family, 
or of the Universal Brotherhood of Humanity.

Now, even if you recognize this universal brotherhood,
this may be something theoretical or intellectual, as we
can see so often in the TS or theos. movement. When
the probation comes... needless to say what happens!
Then the "friendship" is gone and the paramount 
importance is given to the gods of Might (power, force,
money etc.), of Greed (status, pleasure etc.) and of
Luck (not recognizing the universal Law of Justice,
or Karma as said in the East).

And that is why we may recognize the universal human
family, or universal brotherhood (all TS members must
recognize that, at least theoretically), but at the same 
time it is so difficult to find real friends.

Cain asked - "Am I my brother's keeper?" He actually
killed his brother! So, it is obvious that he was not his
brother's friend. Nevertheless, not even Cain had the
courage to say that he was not his brother! Can you 
see my point? We ARE all brothers whether we like 
it or not. But to be a real friend is a practical challenge,
not only a lip theory. That seems to be the difference
and the difficulty. Then, finally, one day we may be 
REAL friends of all our brothers. I feel that this state
would put us far into the Path of spiritual realization.

Dear Lucio, I am aware that this may be more a 
problem of words, and the words kill, as the great
Paul said, it is the spirit that gives life. And my feeling
is that in spirit we are close to each other. I do not like
to discuss problems that may be mainly of words, 
but perhaps that is an opportunity to greet you from 
this other southern part on the world (Brazil).

Nevertheless, that is why, at least to me dear Lucio, 
I have no difficulty to greet you as a brother, but I 
still have difficulties (since we do not even know 
each other yet), to greet you as a friend, let alone
a real friend. Although I can say sincerely that I look
forward to greet you as a friend.

Best wishes from your (still just) brother,   Arnaldo.

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