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Re: Theos-World Time

May 21, 1999 01:19 PM
by LeonMaurer

In a message dated 5/21/99 7:46:05 PM, writes:

<< Leon
It appears that Dallas is referring to Duration.
The S.D. regards time as an illusion produced by successive states of
consciousness . It does not exist where there is no consciousness.
Nothing on this plane has real duration- everything is subject to
change. Change results in the illusion of time. The Real person does not
consist only of what we see Now., but is the sum total of all its
changing conditions, as it goes from the past into the future.
And into Eternity.
 It is that Total Self - Essence that in 
Duration  has true existence.
Our physical senses cannot perceive this. >>

No... But, our inner senses which are the aspects of the higher fields such 
as the astral and mind fields, can.  Time--while true that it is a measure of 
change and exists as a factor in all experience and measurement on the 
manifest planes--is not an illusion to those "senses" that reside on those 
"planes" or fields.  Sure, there is no time without consciousness... But, 
neither is there a manifest universe--which is "real" and non-illusory to 
those that exist in it.  Duration can only be applied to the state of 
non-being that the proto (dormant) universe experiences when in pralaya.  
Yet, even so, it is taught in the SD that such a state exists for a 
particular length of time relative to the time of existence of the manifest 
universe during its manvantara or kalpa.  So, while Time is an abstract 
aspect of the universe, its existence and nonexistence is dependent on the 
state of "being" of those that observe it.  If Time is considered an 
"illusion," we could also say that the entire physical universe is an 
illusion to the higher awareness that is distinct from consciousness 
(spirit)--which is a universal a priori along with matter.  We can also be 
unconscious of our own metric (waking) consciousness as well as time. e.g. 
When we are in deep sleep or in the after death states.  So Time must exist 
as a necessary attribute of manifestation, although we may or may not be 
aware of it.  Time is related to cycles (vibration) of energy flow and is as 
real as the energy cycle it is a part of.  And, there is no energy flow 
without cyclic motion.  Nor, is there a universe, in or out of manifestation, 
without "motion" and its correlate, Time or duration.  To be clear about 
these abstractions and concretions of "Time" will enable us to understand the 
meaning of the "ultimate division of time" that the Adept can experience and 
comprehend with his/her higher senses after "enlightenment."  As a measure of 
the so called "illusion" of Time, remember that Time puts "illusory" wrinkles 
on your "illusory" face, and that an illusory car going 60 miles per hour can 
bump into and kill your "illusory" body.  So, it behooves us all to "get 
real" while we are in this body, and to see Time and existence for what they 
are in reality.  How else can we "act for and as the 'Lords of Time'"--as the 
Dhyan Chohans, Krishna, Buddha and all their other "Avatars" have been called 
from the beginning of (measurable) time?


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