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Theos-World Is Observation Such a Bad Thing?

May 12, 1999 07:53 AM
by Gerald Schueler

>>It covers areas that modern Science has not penetrated, because they
are (sadly) still completely tied to the merely physiological fossils
that are uncovered here and there, and on which they have sought to base
their reconstruction of the antiquity and origin of man.>>

Dallas, I don't want to start yet another discussion, but I feel I 
have to say something here in defense of science. Science
tries to obtain facts, and then generates theories to explain
those facts. Fossils are facts. "Pudding bags" are theory.
Anything that cannot be observed has to come
under the heading of theory. Almost all of the SD is theory,
which we are all free to accept or reject until "proved" by
hard evidence. Science has not rejected the SD, so much
as it has simply been unable to produce any hard evidence
to substantiate it. Thus it remains theory. Why is this "sad?"

Jerry S.

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