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Theos-World Give Them Food, Peter

May 10, 1999 07:46 AM
by Gerald Schueler

>>I only ask how much spiritual insight do we need before we start to
share food and resources with those countries where people are dying for
lack of food, clean drinking water, and the resources to improve their
own lives?  >>

No spiritual insight is required to give food to hunger people.
And giving one's extra food to hungry people is a good
ethical and moral thing to do. I doubt that anyone would
argue that, Peter.

I guess my problem is that I can't see where you are
going with your posts on this.  If you want to send food to
starving people, then please feel free to do so. No one
is stopping you.  Or, are you suggesting that the TSs
take on the work of CARE and the Red Cross and start
feeding the hungry too? Should we all pass the hat and
send food in the name of Theos-Talk?  What exactly
do you intend by all of this?  

Personally, I would like to distinquish the TSs from the
world's religions in some way. I do not see Theosophy
as just another religion.

Jerry S.

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