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Theos-World Response to Louis

May 07, 1999 07:41 AM
by Gerald Schueler

>>In my opinion, this is the kind of convoluted thinking that not only
creates the problem but keeps us wedded to it. The cause of social
inequity, OF EVERY KIND, is the unequal distribution of the wealth, pure
and simple. >>

Louis,  my "convoluted thinking" here comes directly
from Ecology 101, which I seriously advise you to take.

Your entire post, a diabtribe on the redistricting of wealth,
has been tried in communism and various experimental
communes throughout history, and has never worked.
Capitalism, with all its worts, is the best thing we have
come up with so far. It presumes equal rights and equal
opportunities, but does not guarantee equal wealth--one
has to work for that. And work is just another word for

Jerry S.

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