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Re: Theos-World Why the decline in interest in TS/Theosophy

May 05, 1999 09:16 PM
by Martin Leiderman

Dear Dallas and All,

I do not agree with you in you view about the role of leadership in
Theosophy. It may semantic. I simply call leader who  commits himself or
herself  to the well-being of Lodge or a Study Group, including
headquarters, etc.

The point in question is as presented by Ramadoss, is that there is a
decline in membership and visitors in our lecture halls. Why? The answer
is not in the theosophical books but in our theosophical work. In the
way the 'they' perceives the TS impact in personal growth.
THEOSOPHY IS PERFECT because it deals with Divine-Wisdom . . .  but ULT,
TSA, etc  may disappear  if no new generation of theosophist join and
work for the cause.
Is this true?

I have heard that some theosophist are just happy to see the TS selling
theosophical books, for the buyer will read them and learn theosophy.
And they see the future of the TS as such.
Have you heard that?

Out of curiosity, if I volunteer to give a talk at ULT on a Sunday
evening about the Egyptian Book of the Dead, how is it decided? Who gets
to vote on it. One I asked and a young kid told me that only staff
members give talks. What is the decision mechanism?

In no way I mean it in a negative way, or to make fun of ULT, nor I am
writing any paper on it.

In my Study Group in West LA, if you want to visit us  and gives  a talk
'on theosophy' I say yes, a done deal and no efforts, and is very

To 'theosophise' means to repeat the dead letter of the theosophical
books without the soul and spirit that accompanies when the one who talk
is a living truth of it. I think that is what a meant.

Martin Leiderman
in West Los Angeles


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