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Theos-World Re: No Subject

May 01, 1999 11:56 AM
by LeonMaurer

In a message dated 5/1/99 6:31:35 PM, writes:

>Our perception of time appears only to go forward - is a statement born
>in illusion and sponsored by consciousness. There is no time without

There is also no Nature without consciousness

>The moment Now is a blur between the past and the present - 
>is constantly changing as we are changing. The moment 
>Now represents our total lives passing thru space and time into Eternity - 
>represented by Duration.  In Duration we have our true existence.
>Time has nothing to do with Natures periodicity.

"True existence" as an aware individuality, is solely in Spirit (or 
consciousness) . And Spirit, being unchanging, endures forever and is not 
subject to time.  But, Nature which is the creation of consciousness, is 
limited by time -- since Time is nothing more than a "measure of change."  
And, all change is governed by the fundamental and immutable laws of 
periodicity and cycles. 

Thus, Time, to consciousness (represented by our awareness), is nothing more 
than an "appearance" that has no substantial reality, and, thus, can be 
considered an "illusion."  However, the basis of the "illusion" has 
"substance" on this material plane...  And, Time puts wrinkles on our face, 
and allows us to be trampled by elephants (if we don't take the "time" to get 
out of the way.:-)  So, without the laws of periodicity (as a concomitant of 
Time) being functional in Nature, we would not be able to put one foot before 
the other, and do "walking meditation" in the park (as we watch the 
*illusion* of the Sun "rising" over the horizon. /:-)>  


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