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Theos-World Looking for insight

Mar 28, 1999 03:30 AM
by Teos9

In a message dated 3/27/99 3:22:45 AM Eastern Standard Time, writes:

<< Quote of the Day (for Mar 27):
 But there exists another book.  None of its possessors regard it as very
ancient, as it was born with, and is only as old as the Black Age, namely,
about 5,000 years.  In about nine years hence [from about 1888], the first
cycle of the first five millenniums, that began with the great cycle of the
Kali-Yuga, will end.  And then the last prophecy contained in that book (the
first volume of the prophetic record for the Black Age) will be accomplished.
We have not long to wait, and many of us will witness the Dawn of the New
Cycle, at the end of which not a few acounts will be settled and squared
between the races. -- Secret Doctrine Vol I intro pages xliii to xliv. By
Helena Blavatsky.

Help, intuition is sluggish this morning. Can anyone put today's Blavatsky
quote into a simpler phrasing without loosing the essence. Clarification of
times and dates, and,  what will be squared, between whom. Feedback would be


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