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Re: Theos-World Causes & Effects

Mar 27, 1999 07:03 AM
by M K Ramadoss

On Sat, 27 Mar 1999, Arnaldo Sisson Filho wrote:

> Jerry, I am glad you are sharing with us a different point of view. To make
> an orthodoxy out of theosophy, to say that theosophy is what dearest HPB
> wrote (or the Masters, or Judge, or anyone else) is a sad thing to do to the
> cause of real Theosophy, which is Altruism. The concrete manifestation of
> Theosophy is not a certain collection of doctrines/beliefs, however
> important and true those doctrines/beliefs may be, but its objective
> expression is said to be a life "... thoroughly impregnated with its
> spirit - the spirit of mutual tolerance, charity and love." (Letters from
> Masters of the Wisdom, 2nd Series, letter 82, p. 157)

Good that you posted the above quote. 

In the presence of all dazzling details of anthropogenesis and
cosmogenesis and all the song and dance added on, may be we should repost
the above frequently because, the real fundamental objective as seen by
the Founders should never be lost sight of. It is like the north star by
which a sailor navigates safely to the destination.

When I see some of the "theosophical" publications with a high level of
fog index, and the talk by some about the "hidden" objects of TS, one
wonders whether the waning interest as shown by membership numbers may be
due to our forgetting the main objective.

Sinnett was repeatedly told by the Founders that "The Chiefs want a
Universal Brotherhood (sisterhood)". Apparently the problem of
focus/object existed then as it seems to exist today.


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