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Theos-World Re: weird stuff

Mar 24, 1999 08:11 AM
by mika perala

> From: "Peter Merriott" <>
> Date: Mon, 22 Mar 1999 20:33:50 -0000
> Subject: RE: Theos-World Weird stuff
> Hi Doss,
> Can I add to what you have said.
> Most email software and browsers offer a choice of formats as to how to send
> a message -  either "Plain Text" or "Rich Text".  "Rich Text" uses HTML.  If
> your browser receives in either mode it simply gives you a nice page to read
> whichever way it was sent originally.
> However some browsers / email packages only have "Plain Text" capability. So
> when this type of browser receives a "Rich Text" message it shows all the
> HTML codes.
> There are two solutions to this.
> 1) Get a better email / browser package that can cope with both types of
> messages.  This isn't a realistic option if you use your email facility at
> work / Universtiy etc.
> 2) Those of us who can choose which format to use should aim to send
> messages in "Plain Text" to a List or Newsgroup to help those who only have
> this capability.

> Hope this helps

Tahnks for the advice. I'll try to find something in the options of my 
Pegasus-mailprogram to handle this.

Mika perala

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