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Theos-World Response to Peter

Mar 22, 1999 09:32 AM
by Gerald Schueler

>>In relation to the latter, why would the Teachers deliberately omit
moksha & jivamukti for fear of them being too difficult, as you

These concepts only make sense if you first firmly believe
in reincarnation and karma. I first came into these teachings
several years before Theosophy, and they had little meaning
to me until I absorbed the idea of reincarnation and karma
first. And even then, they only have an appeal if you feel
"tired" of treading the Wheel of Life. Many people are still
very happy having life after life, and still look forward to
 it. Only those who are weary of it all are receptive to
the idea of liberation. Buddhism, for example, stresses
life's sufferings before mentioning that there is a way out
of it.

It is somewhat ironic that the Path sucker's us in with
a promise of Liberation only to change its tune when
the final goal is within sight and ask that we renounce
it to deliberately return to help others. This is a Choice
that everyone must make for themselves at the proper

Jerry S.


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