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Theos-World Good News!

Mar 20, 1999 11:23 AM
by Jerry Schueler

>>[Dallas]I have never yet found any reason for confining
>>my concept of it.  In fact I do not perceive any causes
>>that are reasonable which might do that.
Actually, the only problem that I have about your definition
of karma and your statements about it is that your view
makes it sound endless and therefore pointless as well as
hopeless. Buddha, if not HPB, taught that karma could
be ended. In the same way that God's love and forgiveness
is the Good News of the Christians, so liberation is the
Good News of Buddhism. What is the Good News of
Theosophy if it teaches an endless and mindless series
of lifetimes? When we are dreaming, the Good News is
that it is just a dream because knowing that can allow us
to control what happens. Knowing that life itself is maya
allow us to control our karma, in much the same way.
Jerry S.

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