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Re: Theos-World Sherry!!

Mar 19, 1999 03:25 PM
by Shersy17

In a message dated 3/19/99 3:52:57 PM, writes:

<< if you thought that I seriously meant that you should leave this list, that
was not my intention!!

My line above lacked a few smiles with eye-glasses, 8)8) ,and it was meant to
be some sort of sarcasm. In an unmoderated list there will always(?) be people
in each others throats occasionally. Just delete those messages which you find


Oh I forgot about you Mike, that make's three! LOLOL...I do hit delete on
certain names I have now become familiar with...doesn't leave much else to
read on this list :-).
Peace to you
I got the tongue-in-cheek in message the first time

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