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Re: Theos-World Victims & Criminals

Mar 19, 1999 11:49 AM
by Richtay

In a message dated 3/18/99 6:30:43 PM, Jerry wrote:

<<I was trying to get around the whole right/wrong approach
here. What is important is motive.  Dallas tries to single
out certain particular individuals as "victims" and others
as "criminals" and I am saying that we are all victims and
criminals at times and in degrees.>>

This is not only quite succinct, but quite on-target as I understand the
larger implications of karma.  Labels like "victim" and "criminal" really only
relate to one instance in one lifetime.  We must assume however, that we go
back as karmic entities (I *won't* say "individuals") for many, many
lifetimes.  So here there was a criminal, who became a victim, who became a
criminal.  Pretty quickly the labels lose all meaning, and what appears is a
stream of activity, which is too mixed together to be labelled "good" or

The important issue is, where is the potential for enlightenment in this great
stream?  Can the karmic entity transcend itself?  That is what I think Jerry
is raising, though I hope he will correct me where I've misrepresented him.


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