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Theos-World Psychology

Mar 19, 1999 07:50 AM
by Jerry Schueler

>>But I find that Eastern Psychology as expressed by Theosophy
covers so much more and fills in the gaps so well that the (to
me) sorry western attempts appear a waste of time.<<
Well, I guess I just don't see it that way myself. To say that my
irrational behavior is my karma just doesn't help me much. Its
rather like saying that its God's Will. Modern psychology, excluding
transpersonal, looks at only this life, but it does go far to show why
we do things and how the human mind (manas) works, which
even Theosophy lacks. Psychology, especially Jungian, says
that virtually all of our problems can be resolved by conscious
awareness. It is the repressed or forgotten things that bite us in the
tail. This is not so different, I think, from Eastern psychology. But
I don't find an emphasis on being more conscious in Theosophy.
Jerry S.


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