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Re: RE: Theos-World Negativity

Mar 18, 1999 02:34 PM
by Shersy17

In a message dated 3/18/99 5:21:30 PM, writes:


Sometimes they are abrupt, even crude, but the intent is not to

slam anyone, but to evoke a response which will help.

Thank you for your response Dallas.

I question that telling others they are not ever going to understand the
material, and are better off leaving the group, is what Theosophy intended.

Discussion, imho, means listening, and adding one's opinions to the
discussion, without need of harmful insults.  

It is just my opinion, that in keeping the circles closed only to those who
agree, is no way to grow and learn. And be encouraging others to think they
are intruding, not "advanced" enough, or whatever, is making the circle
smaller and smaller.

That is just my opinion, it is not a fact.  Contention is one thing, outright
arrogance is quite another, again, in my opinion.


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