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Theos-World Psychology

Mar 18, 1999 10:41 AM
by Gerald Schueler

>>Our western psychology as I see it is designed to apologize and
forgive the personality for its errors and ignorance.  But the
law courts do not entirely agree.  They speak of a responsibility
and designate this not purely as a result of legislating, but as
something innate to each human and act accordingly.  Why is that

Dallas, psychology was designed to figure out why people act
as they do--it is the study of human behavior. The idea of
forgivess only came about when studies showed that 
self-forgiveness has a healing effect. The "law courts"
not only acknowledge psychology, but they demand it
(psychological testing to assure mental competance for
trial, etc). Responsibility is only legal when one is deemed
mentally competant. Your psychology bashing is getting
you nowhere. The reason that I went into psychology
myself is my interest in people and why they act the way
they do. I have no trouble at all separating psychology
from Theosophy and can't understand your apparent
hatred of it.

Jerry S.

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