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Re: Theos-World Humor

Mar 17, 1999 03:17 PM
by Eldon B Tucker

>>As I grow older I never cease to appreciate the wisdom of my parents in
>>teaching me never to feel guilty about anything and that most things are
>>pretty funny.
>How else could one hope to survive being around one's fellow theosophists?
>LOLOLOL..well, you do have a good sense of humor, Chuck.  HPB 
>would be proud ... is said that she said ... commonsense and 
>a sense of humor are what are needed for the student.

Perhaps another way of putting it ... We need commonsense in
our thinking, in our serene moments, *and* commonsense in our
humor. An absence of humor indicates psychological inflation,
taking oneself too seriously, being too rigid, proud, inflexible.

An unbalance of humor is another way of hiding from life, where
important issues are laughed away with contrived, artificial
humor, making, in its extreme aspect, bitter, mocking, hurtful
words. Balanced humor, on the other hand, will clear the air,
reestablish communication, and open hearts to one another.

Laughter has its many shades, from bright and playful to
mocking, wounding, intentionally belittling of others. It
has the full spectrum of uses, much as serious words do.

-- Eldon

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