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Re: Theos-World Forgiveness

Mar 16, 1999 08:06 PM
by Mark Kusek

W. Dallas TenBroeck wrote:

> Mar 16
> If I understand you right, Mark, we ought to "forgive" others,
> but not ourselves for making wrong choices and perhaps hurting
> others.
> With that I will agree full-heartedly.
> Thanks
> Dallas


Nope. Forgive yourself too. The act of forgiving passes the energy
through you. Soak in it. Forgiving yourself is like a flooding of the
lower self with the very transmutative power that the whole of evolution
seeks to bring about. It will do no harm to you and only help you in all
good ways, while also ameliorating the negative effects of whatever
bonds you have made with the other person.. Why would you not want to
forgive yourself? Refusing to is more strengthening to the recalcitrant
ego and more productive of selfishness and negative self esteem  than
opening to receive mercy from within. Basically, God within you loves
and forgives you. It just keeps you in a sick personal psychology ("I am
unwiorthy of forgiveness," etc.). Allow it to happen. Try to be God's
person on Earth. It's really simple. -- M

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