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Theos-World Response to Daniel

Mar 15, 1999 09:46 AM
by Gerald Schueler

[Dan:]<<What in your opinion was the purpose of the original esoteric
section as founded by Madame B.?>>

Although addresed to Rich, let me say that the Inner Group
Teachings itself suggests that the reason was to answer
questions and give out some more information to those few
who were ready to hear it. This definition requires a
qualified Teacher, which HPB certainly was.

>>Also can any one tell me more about the debate between Frank and

The "debate" is simply that I believe the Pasadena version of the
infamous Conger-Long episode, and Frank doesn't. And as some of you may
know, Long was also in a wheel chair (polio, I believe).
However, my real "debate" is not over what Frank said so much as how
Frank said it (his most recent posting was much better). He claims to be
a historian of sorts, and yet is taking sides as evidenced by his
one-sided choice of words. I fully realize that history is subject to
opinion, and many historical figures can be shown in good or poor lights
depending on the choice of words used. We will never resolve the
Conger-Long issue anymore than the Judge issue or the CWL issue, so the
use of inflamatory phraseology is totally unnecessary.

Jerry S.


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