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Theos-World Speaking Up

Mar 15, 1999 09:06 AM
by Gerald Schueler

>>Jerry: I agree with Frank that we do have a duty to speak up and speak
out in defence of HPB and her Teachers.  I don't believe they did have a
'turn the other cheek' policy in this respect.>>

I agree up to a point. I certainly "speak out" on issues, myself. But I
do object to name calling. When Frank singles out CWL and Long as the
two people most responsible for the TSs falling apart, I think that this
borders on slander. I also don't agree with it. We have had a lot of
CWL-bashing on this list over the years, and it has never helped anyone
at all. It does no good to bash fellow Theosophists, especially dead
ones when we have no idea what their motives were. I have no problem
with bashing ideas or interpretations or even doctrines. I even disagree
with HPB in a few areas, but have never "bashed" her personally nor
anyone else. Pointing accusing fingers at dead people only aggravates
those living readers who admire them and proves nothing.

Jerry S.

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