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Theos-World The Lower Inner Planes

Mar 15, 1999 07:05 AM
by Gerald Schueler

>>There is a large and hazy area of confusion concerning the area which
in Theosophy is called the Astral, and the Pranic.  But the only way t
find out if Theosophy provides useful information is
for a person to read its literature (which by now is pretty well
Indexed) and seek for information there.>>

Dallas, there is a better way. Go there and enperience them
for yourself. We don't have to be an Adept to do this.
We go into these realms every time we fall asleep, every
time we day-dream, every time we relect or turn inward.

One of the biggest stumbling blocks to occultism is
the idea that the astral and mental planes are "out there"
somewhere beyond us. The fact is, our body is on the
physical plane, our emotions are on the astral, and our
thoughts are on the mental. Every human being is
already on three planes (four if we count the etheric),
but they are so close to us that we tend to ignore them.

Jerry S.


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