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RE: Theos-World Why the TSs are Falling Apart

Mar 13, 1999 08:07 AM
by M K Ramadoss

At 05:59 AM 3/13/1999 -0800, you wrote:
1. Being Human is developing that independence and self-reliance that enables us to progress forward in our spiritual development. Following out of respect has great value in developing devotion. But, does it develop DISCRIMINATION ? Do we become wiser ? what is the contrast between BHAKTI and GNYAN ?

In my opinion, independence and self-reliance are needed very much today. It is the few independent and self-reliant men and women who have done great things which have helped Humanity. It is not the masses of blind followers. Blind following is very easy and comfortable.

2. The T S has a role to play. Only read and think about the 3 OBJECTS. If the members can educate themselves by studying the basic and original message, then they will bring abut from within any reform that is needed. Yes, the T S is to be respected. But is the present T S the one that is following the ORIGINAL PROGRAM of the MASTERS, or is it not ? Is the "Management" trustworthy and fair, or is it not ? When asked to make reforms that are common-sense and elementary equity, does it respond with sensitivity or with obfuscation ?

Results speak for themselves.

3. Can any man move a mountain ? Not in a single life time perhaps, but a beginning can be made. Main point is of value and of necessity. Again it is discrimination.

The faith in being able to move mountain can get us started, may be we can move some pebbles and stones.

4. Our duty, as I see it is to follow our Voice of Conscience, and to check its prompting with the touchstone of common sense and the wisdom which we have acquired from a study of Theosophy. Theosophy is either the Sanatana Dharma or it is nonsense. But which ever answer we choose, it is WE who will make the choice and will also bear such consequences as result from that choice. This happens all the time.

When one follows conscience it is very easy. Conscience does not give choices. It is intellect that gives choices and rationalizes.

5. The main point is WHERE SHOULD WE BEST SPEND OUR TIME? In what way can we best assist others ?

It all depends. I think each one of us have to determine it and live with it and its effects. I think it is simple common sense that all of us should try to assist anyone in any way we can. All one needs is to look for opportunities.

Thanks for sharing your ideas.

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