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Theos-World Dhyani-Chohan

Mar 12, 1999 03:40 PM
by Richtay

In a message dated 3/12/99 10:25:55 PM, Dallas wrote:


It turns out that the term "chohan" is also an ordinary Tibetan one, to be
found on page 431 of Sarata Chadra Das' TIBETAN-ENGLISH DICTIONARY.  Chohan in
Tibetan has two primary meanings: 1.  Simply a term for "Buddha."  2.  "A
title of honor given to distinguished scholars."  (It can also mean a trance-
medium, but I doubt that has any relevance to Theosophical teachings.)

DhyAni-Chohan would thus mean something like "Buddha of abstract meditation"
or "formless/transcendent Buddha."

The "MahAchohan" that HPB talks about is probably a title given to a great
Buddhist Adept in the Tibetan/Mongolian desert, someone who apparently
incarnates the spiritual nature of AmitAbha, "Buddha of Infinite Light."  HPB
even gives veiled directions to his hermitage, stating it is 160 leagues to
the west, by a hidden road, from a certain peak called "Snowy Mountain."  In
several places, the MahAchohan is called the head of the Esoteric Brotherhood.
Interesting that his title should be a Tibetan Buddhist one.

Is the Esoteric Brotherhood, then, actually an Esoteric Buddhist one?


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