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Re: Theos-World Slander

Mar 11, 1999 11:06 AM
by Frank Reitemeyer

>This way we avoid endless argument over truth or falsity. Whenever we
>start to make derogatory remarks about another person, living or dead,
>true or false, if those remarks have the potential to inspire animosity
>in a reader, then they are slanderous and should be avoided.
>Jerry S.

If this is true, then we have to stop printing and spreading the works of
H.P. Blavatsky, because some scientists and missionaries could have bad
feelings reading her. Furthermore then the books of William Judge should not
spread any more, because a reader once wrote to his Theosophical Forum she
feeling disharmony, when she read his articles.
No, I am in the contrary of the opinion that it is not only the right, but
it is the duty for every true Theosophits, for every student of the pukka
Theosophy of which HPB was the direct agent, to speak out - the more when
there are sideways and traps or even lies which are smuggled into the
Theosophical Movement to destroy the work of HPB and her teachers. No one is
free of the risk to get critisized, if it seems he/she is wrong doing, no
matter if he/she is alive or dead, except he/she is claims to be an
incarnated god beyond any critisism. And of course not even a person, who
describes himself a "leader" can be protected from this occult rule.
OTOH it is also true, that every Theosophist has the duty to do it as much
unpersonally as posssible and working for cooperation and harmony - UNLESS
THERE ARE OCCULT REASONS. The theos. history gives us many examples for
this, i.e. when HPB was kicked off from Adyar or when she protested against
the destructive actions of President Olcott and refused his many slanders on
her. Another example is the so-called "Judge" case of 1895 when he stood so
firm for the true Theosophy. Or take the exactly repeat of that scene 50
years later with other "actors" on the scene, this time in Point
Of course it seems to  be the deepest wish of some theos. organizations to
nip in the bud any research which they to not which on behalf of their
sectarian interests, but no we have the internet and at present we begin an
era, were everyone has success to so much sources never seen before in the
120 years before.
Considering all this, hereby receive my PROTEST.


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